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ray 13:05:37 20-07-2007

wwell i must say , very good software as it found 3 virus on me laptop , 1st class mate

govokinolij 12:22:48 13-07-2007


Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


Benjamin 22:21:26 10-07-2007


dimovich 21:37:34 27-06-2007

you rule!

Solaris 19:30:28 20-05-2007

I have try (and buy) many antivirus software since my first PC (486 DX2/66).
My choice halted on Dr.Web : simply a great antivirus !

(For futures users: don’t trust all things in comparatives and tests sites.
Just try it and make your own opinion)

Olli Pajula 10:30:53 13-05-2007

It seems to me to be a top antivirus program having a very good customer service.

RiverSail 11:25:12 29-04-2007

It'S very good!!!

kannan 10:13:53 24-04-2007

good software

razif 09:42:45 22-04-2007

I'm glad to use drweb cureit. Now i can work faster without worrying any viruses. YES DRWEB is the solution for infected computer.

cherryzhang 11:44:17 19-04-2007

i love drweb .and i want it will be the best av software in the world.i think it should support chinese .and plus firewall."hips"and so on .at last bestwishes !everyone have a nice day

sr 11:33:21 28-03-2007

very great software under windows.

nguyenha 11:22:00 01-03-2007

Thanks for your support to web users.I believe that your product protects my computer effectively from virus. However, it takes me much time to download cureit.exe to my computer. Please give me some tips. Thanks again.

Kravchuk 22:05:41 18-02-2007

Ловит все что только можно, я пока не разочаровался в этом антивирусе

hehongwei 08:59:36 28-01-2007

I hope the software will surport Chinese language,because there is so many Chinese users.

chris jackson 01:35:11 21-12-2006

well, ive tried many of the top tier antivirus programs, and for price and quality, dr.web rules them all, their submit malware is fantastic, with fixes done as fast as 16 minutes, yes... 16 minutes. Great service, fantastic product and great customer service, good job dr.web and hurry with version 5 please.

Marc Romero 18:42:04 20-11-2006

I just recently finished testing some of the supposedly top tier antivirus programs, such as, Nod32 2.7 and Kaspersky Antivirus Although nice programs, with pretty interfaces and multiple features, I still find Dr.Web "the best" set it and forget it, antivirus program. At default settings, it provides outstanding performance and protection. No tinkering with settings required.

Marc Romero

laurence 22:03:50 13-11-2006

very great software under linux.
I'd like to congratulate all the people working for drweb.
Technical support very reactive.

Ethyne Marillier 20:22:34 31-10-2006

Thank you very much for an amazing product. I have used your CureIt Scanner and am very impressed. I will be recommending your Products to my friends.
1. Can I keep the CureIt scanner on my PC
2. Can you tell my the Price for your Anti Virus Program please. (Home User-1 PC)

I had a very bad experience with the Trojan PSW.Generic2,IGX and after numerous online scans not one of them could Cure my PC. I had to reinstall my PC after doing a 4 x government wipe of my Hard Drive, then Format and installation.
I could not bear to go through that again.

Again, your product is really fantastic.

Ethyne Marillier
South Africa

jean philippe 20:13:06 30-10-2006

a very good antivirus.
Easy to use and efficient under windows as well as Linux.
Long life Dr Web !!!

WF 04:45:21 27-10-2006

A perfect weapon!
Wish a great soft.

Marc Romero 17:52:00 21-10-2006

Just wanted to thank Dr.Web for taking the time to give us users the nice wallpapers for our desktops. I appreciate the wallpapers very much.

mohammad 10:08:54 09-10-2006

you are the best but must think about poor people.thank you

nolochemcial 18:47:35 08-10-2006

This product is excellent, I recently tried it out to clean a clients computer, which was severly infected. I was to reinstall the OS, so I checked if this would work first. It did a great job of removing everything (several variants of trojans + malware) except 1 that had already damaged most of the .exe's and killed the box. I am going to buy a copy, pointe finale!

Marc Romero 03:54:53 08-10-2006

Today, my roommate asked me to cleanup her computer. She has AVG Antivirus, ewido anti-malware and SUPERAntiSpyware installed. I updated all her programs, then scanned with AVG, ewido and then SUPERAntiSpyware. All scans came up clean, except for SUPERAntiSpyware, it found two tracking cookies. Out of curiosity, I downloaded Dr.Web CureIt for a second opinion, what a revelation that was, it idenified 21 different adwares, and found the trojan, Trojan.Funweb. Cleanup was flawless and everything was removed without incident. Dr.Web is more than just an antivirus solution, that's for sure. Being a registered user of Dr.Web Antivirus myself, I have never seen it in action until I ran the free CureIt utility on my friends computer. I was impressed, to say the least. Thanks Dr.Web, for an outstanding product.

Igor 05:30:26 04-10-2006

Cool!! thanks a lot!

Lu'ai Sha'ban 23:10:13 27-09-2006

I've been trying to remove an unknown virus for the last three weeks , but there was no chance to remove it using several antiviruses .
It was by accident that I discovered the Dr. Web antivirus , I tried it carelessly, In fact I did not think that it will remove it after the three weeks of trying , the surprise was that it scanned the hard disk , discovered 1563 infected files , removed them like a peice of cake.
In my opinion , Dr. Web is highly recommended especially for networks with precious data.

Marc Romero 05:42:53 08-09-2006

I am currently trying DrWeb, I will be migrating over from Nod32. I love DrWeb, it is a superior antivirus solution and the best kept secret on the internet. Great product, great price and great protection! Thank you.


Mark Arakawa 11:20:28 07-09-2006

Good job with the new website Dr.Web Team!! The design of the website has a very nice branding of the legendary green spider. Maybe, you should also use the same design for the website in the near future!! Graphics have improved a lot!!

I enjoy assisting you guys in any way as possible.

Have a Great day!!

Mark Arakawa

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