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All comments

RoSoftDownload Team 2009.02.12 17:21

After reviewing your software, Dr.Web CureIt, Editor Team has decided to award it with 5 stars.

Software page:!

Please visit our awards page! and choose the graphic you like and use it to place a link to us on your web site. Editor Team wishes to congratulate you for the high quality of your software, which puts it in front of it’s competitors. Keep up the good work.

Awards are given to products that we think are excellent and above average in their category.
Awards are given based on our experience and judgement.

Thank you,
RoSoftDownload Editor Team

lexy 2009.02.03 11:59

it works!tenks.

lori norris 2009.01.29 2:12

This was great I had Antivirus 360 and could not find anything that would rid of it...that didnt need updating from the internet (which antivirus 360 would not allow me to do)my hands were tied thank you so much I will recommend your site!!

Mazhar Syed 2009.01.24 10:17

Wow! its working for CONFICKER and other worms, wonderful tool and site for every IT Professionals.
Thanks and appreciate for great support.

RAHUL KRISHNAN 2009.01.17 9:16

iam thankful to you, bcoz i used somany anti viruses but they can't satisfied to me. Dr.web given an amazing performance in my PC....
Thank you.

dileep 2009.01.17 9:0

its amazing perfomance.. thnks Dr.web

3ciduk 2009.01.17 1:50

great like A "Virus May Cry"

Julie 2009.01.14 5:13

Thanks so much! I had some trojan virus among others on my computer. Dr. Web totally cured my computer and saved this poor college student some dollars!!! =0) Thanks again!!

milan 2009.01.10 9:57

Thank you,its great ! gets all bad stuff off my pc.keep up good work. everyone should say thanks, great program!

Frederic Magnier 2009.01.08 20:20

Suite a une attaque Facebook, cureit m'a nettoye mon poste.
Pour un outil gratuit, merci

Wilson Y Chen 2009.01.02 15:59

I am a end user from Taiwan.
My NB had insall McAfee OAS be a antivirus sofeware; but it didn't work.
I find the Dr.Web on the famous sofeware website of Taiwan.And Dr. Web find about 170 virus in my computer and make them be killed.Now,my computer becomes normal and healthy.
Thank you all who create Mr. Web.

phoenix 2009.01.02 9:37

Dr. Web Anti-Virus is the Best..

Derek 2008.12.28 19:1

Cureit! saved me :) I got the virus (nasty) that redirects your search results to ad sites, among other problems. It would not let me install a virus scanner, update an already installed virus scanner, or disable it from redirecting my virus updates to my computer. But Cureit! was the only program that was able to run and find the virus and delete it :) - Satisfied!!

Ruffin 2008.12.06 4:42


shyam 2008.12.03 19:31


Peter Felice 2008.11.30 5:39

I've been working on a customers computer for, I'll bet 8 hrs in the course of 3 days. It had a virus antivirus 2009 which avg,ad-Aware or viraantivir couldn't fix finally I use windows one care to take it out but the browser was still hijacked. I was ready to give up. I had the reinstall disk in fount of me and was ready for hours of reinstall. A last ditch afford led me to you. DR.WEB FIX THE COMPUTER I downloaded at least 7 or 8 different programs but your did it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

daniel sikorsky 2008.11.27 12:20

your program did what norton corporate antivirus couldn't.
or comodo, or spybot. or any of the other so-called great AV software. not only saved my computer, got finally rid of this nasty thing called kdwyz.exe! Thanks so much. !!
daniel sikorsky

Hussein Mozham 2008.11.22 14:44

Hi,my brother got a old computer from someone and I knew it had viruses in it.The tower was making noises because of the killer viruses and was super slow. Dr.Web you are the doctor! You zapped this pests away. It found 583 viruses while the others found 389. Plus no more noise and is super fast. This is best virus scanner in the world! OMG

Matthew LaBarre 2008.11.19 5:28

Saved my computer! I got a virus that blocked my CA antivirus from updating, then I tried to download Windows OneCare and it would not update, this virus blocked me from even going to antivirus websites, system restore wouldnt work and I couldnt even turn on the ability to see hidden files. I thought I was finised Dr. Web found all the viruses and got rid of them. THANK YOU! Great job!

Ashwin Rao 2008.11.11 8:36

I tried the live CD works amazing. It works amazingly fast if you know the directory that has been infected. Great job !!!!

Grey 2008.11.07 16:41

As a user, I hope Dr Web can provide us the best quality of scanning tool that can help us kill all the virus!!! Appreciate to Dr Web!!!^^

wezwezwez 2008.11.05 16:39

very very good

Ewald Kruger 2008.11.02 2:33

At first I thought another scam, where's the catch? What a relief! Got rid of Trojan Hupigon where everything else failed. Great stuff!

Jay Leong 2008.10.31 3:38

I love this application. It allows me to scan and cure all the virus without install anything.

noumancheema 2008.10.27 12:44

tis is the best

John 2008.10.23 2:23

I just love this and recomend it to all those with any problems - Found things I was not even looking for

Nazira 2008.10.22 14:55

Hello, well, I love it! I mean, it cleans the computer in a quick scan, and really useful. I had a Trojan Horse virus, and really was annoying. It's really good! Thanks !
-nazira from singapore

ajay pathak 2008.10.20 9:40


Saran.P 2008.10.13 13:12

Thanks you so much...

daniela 2008.10.08 20:21

Ciao...migliore..assolutamente migliore..

nguyen 2008.10.06 5:21


aripun 2008.10.03 21:36

good ware

Elliot Fishman 2008.09.30 18:6

This very advanced program makes all the others seem like toys! It is truly amazing all the trojans and malware it has found in a few minutes that all the other so called "top rated" programs missed! "The only real deal" is what I would call Dr.Web Cureit! It should be in many more places out on the internet! Thanks!

Rio Ferdinand, Indonesian 2008.09.25 13:36

So many thanks for the program. It's saved lots my data, since cured all of (*.exe) file from Virut Worm. So Great. It's great to do..

Do you mind, if I help the Indonesian people easier using Dr.Web by feat the Indonesian Language in this program?

Thx for all..
So nice

helpdesk 2008.09.24 14:22

Thx for the support

Sujay 2008.09.24 13:37

It's a great feeling, when i use this anti-virus tool. It's greatest advantage as i think is that, it need not be installed. I used to carry it with me in my thumb drive. Scan any computer if i think that it is infected

Alberto Ferreira 2008.09.23 23:24

amazing virus detecter and helpful on eliminating threats!

Claudionor 2008.09.21 22:49

Muito bom!

Badu Saudi 2008.09.18 21:30

Because Dr.Web Anti Virus is very Good

Luis 2008.09.15 19:24


Gabcsi 2008.09.14 20:36


For me till now Nod32 was I paid on my computer, in all years properly, because what works it is necessary to pay it.
On the other hand since I tried it the DrWeb-CureIt, I feel it since then that my computer does not demand it other service providers the programs of virusclean.
Decided it since I like my machine that CureIt will be on my machine only then!
Would interest the prices, because from them I do not find description...(or I don't read well in English )
Great antivirus software...!


Gabcsi from Hungary

ANJAN 2008.09.14 19:0

it's great to use

M Fletcher 2008.09.04 21:27

I always recommend DrWeb to people on forums with malware problems and it has a good success rate so well done and thank;s to the DrWeb team,


happy user 2008.09.02 6:58

Dr. CureIt was the only program that cleaned my computer from FakeAlert Virus. Other programs such as McAfee, AdAware, Trojan Hunter did not find anything. I couldn't even install Spybot at a time of crisis. So Dr. Cureit was the one that saved my day!

Max 2008.08.26 17:42

Very, very strong Clean all... Thanks Dr.Web

AWAIS 2008.08.25 9:15

Very good tool to remove all types of viruses & worms and other harmful programmes i appreciate the team of this tool to such a great tool.
well done DR.WEB

V-NATAT 2008.08.14 23:15

In a few minutes ago my adsl usb modem cannot connect to the internet and I'm not sure why? Because in early morning I've change my "mouse" to the new one 'cause the old is to old and dirty -__-" old is ps/2 and new is usb and I didn't have much time to check the system compatibility.The virus that I've found after scan is "Backdoor Maosboot" I'm so impress with the work of your program and I really have to say "Dr.Web is the best" of all that I've used before.Again "I'm so impress" o__<

Ernest 2008.08.12 4:33

I had a virus (autorun.pif) and (Nuwar.w) I tried multiple anti virus programs and could not remove it. I luckly stubled upon Dr. Web Cure it! and problem solved I just sent out an email to several friends talking about Dr.Web, praising you for a great program. Thank you

Xp Pro sp2

jagadeesh patil 2008.08.06 22:32

very good antivirus software

mikal mahmoud 2008.08.02 22:7

This works very well on Windows, but I always lose the application on Vista. However, it does an excellent job of finding and ridding viruses, etc. Please keep up the good work. I personally feel that all anti virus applications should be free.

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