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All comments

sergio 2009.07.29 8:18


jim westover 2009.07.28 22:27

had 15 malwares,&trojens x 5free dload fixed ,but not personal antivirus hoax ?

thanks very much jim w

Farry Guy 2009.07.16 1:30

Excellent. I like it!!!

meem 1 2009.07.12 15:33

Dr antivirus is best as my choice i am meem from bangladesh gaibandha i am a Software deplover.i like d ant very much

specialk1211 2009.07.12 1:43

I have ESET NOD32 virus software installed and it found a mebroot trojan but could not repair or move it. I went to several online scanners but they did not find, so I goggled and then try spyeraser, malwarebytes with same then I tryed this one at drweb and followed its directions to run in safe mode and it cleaned my computer perfectly.

artkaye 2009.07.10 11:27

Thanks for this wonderful program.
My boss's laptop has been lying unused for some time riddled with malware. I read from a VirtualDr forum about Dr. Web. I downloaded it and applied it.
Most wonderful! The laptop is alive and back in pristine condition.
I have AVG Free for real-time protection but trust me, Dr Web Cure it standalone is the tool in my arsenal for the rogues who inhabit the internet.
Thank you very much.

Saad Jadir 2009.07.03 23:32

Excellent site, excellebt facility

Wind 2009.07.02 3:33

WOW! I am glad i downloaded the demo, I was just going to buy your Dr Web antivirus program! Ive used CURE IT many times on another computer and its great. I was goint to use Dr Web as my main anti virus now. i didnt know it doesent work on a 64 bit system! I never saw that on your web site! I think that is very important data and you really should mention it. I hope you do come up with a 64 bit program, you are actually pretty late already in that aspect.

boyd 2009.06.23 18:40

Eureka! I had a deep trojan that was killing me. Only PrevX found it but i didn't want to buy that. Couldn't open SuperSpyware doctor, couldn't open MalwareBytes, 2 months of trojans and hijacks and crash after crash after crash, and then this little baby does the job- first time. Man i love this thing. thanks Bro

bong 2009.06.18 5:33

I had try maore and different antivirus and For me dr.web is the best. more power for the makers of dr.web... thank's alot guys...

Vince Grey 2009.06.16 19:52

I was working on a system infected with a horde of rootkits and trojans. I ran my copy of Kaspersky, which I generally swear by, but while it detected the infections, it could not remove them. I was almost at the point of reformatting when I decided to try Dr Web. 5 minutes later, the system is totally clean! I was impressed to say the least.

mohamed 2009.06.15 9:53

good thanks

Freddy Taylor 2009.06.07 14:46

I am running a 20PC internet shop and from all anti-virus programs Dr.WEB gave me that satisfaction. It even deletes SYLEPROMOTION virus which no but no anti-virus program can delete though they only detect it.

Secondly I have also a technology sales dept. and would like to sell the DR.WEB product to my clients. How should I go about this.


Great, saved my work 2009.06.05 0:21

Saved from Pacex.gen virus and onlinegames trojan

DEVZ 2009.05.28 16:34

Thanx for giving us such a gr8 anti virus !!! But how should i report a report list !

tarek 2009.05.28 10:6

Indeed, that your product Dr.Web LiveCD and CureIt! very nice, I use these products, and is a useful and wonderful, thank you

Kees 2009.05.26 20:44

I found out about Dr Web through a document of the internet crime unit of our national police. They used it to clear a system from a rootkit which could not be cleaned by other virusprograms.
I had the same problem, and Dr Web did the Job.
Great program that deserves getting more exposure in the community.

chadima 2009.05.26 13:53

nice stuff

Leo 2009.05.20 7:32


Robel 2009.05.13 22:40

este anti-virus es muy bueno se los recomende a mis amigo... gracias a ustedes mi PC esta limpio de virus

aimad 2009.05.08 18:52


Carlos 2009.05.08 0:59

This software is great! But... please provide links http. I'm unable for download from ftp protocol. Thanks!!!

DANIEL ROTICH 2009.05.02 20:56

I have used in my computer it works very nicely. I was introduced by a friend.

selvarajan 2009.04.28 19:23

good job just keep it up

anonymous 2009.04.24 8:32

I very2 like Dr.Web because is the best antivirus especially for repairing (cure) infected files whereas other antivirus commonly deleted/remove/NOT COMPLETELY REPAIRED infected files

I HOPE furthermore Dr.Web Virus DataBase (VDB) can increasingly more, so that many viruses can detected and save many infected files

And... maybe you need consider for free(dom) version (little bit more than CureIt!) because outside there are still many people need help (not about money but sincerity :)

Best regards

deon 2009.04.20 20:37



Myles in California 2009.04.18 2:51

On more than one Occasion, Dr. WEB CureIt! has found pesks that my other anti-virus scanners didn't find at all! It has saved my butt over and over. Very Happy with it.

Malekutu 2009.04.16 23:55

i loved how este worked for protecting my friend's pc

zlazeel 2009.04.13 0:0

good anti virus ... iv use since my first computer but unfortunately i have windows 7 but it won,t install >> please help

halis 2009.04.06 20:59

good antivirus

Дмитрий 2009.04.06 8:4

большое спасибо! ваша утилита спокойно нашла и вылечила вирус и избавила меня от трояна рецикля, наконец-то!
лиц. НОД32 и Аутпост секьирити (пробная версия) сплоховали. правда, последний в меньшей степени.
подумываю перейти на Dr.Web.
еще раз спасибо, молодцы!

Stephen in Texas 2009.04.02 22:47

Great tool! Words cannot express my appreciation. Trojan.Virut.56 had infected almost every .exe file on my mothers system but, Dr. Web found them all and cured them.
Thank you!

Daniel Szasz 2009.04.02 7:9

great antivirus !
A lot of other antiviruses didn't even found the virus. Your done the job


philip schroth 2009.04.02 0:8

Very good antivirus !!!! Removed virus from my system that other ones were not be able to remove ...... Good work !!

Dave 2009.03.27 0:45

Absolutely a fantastic job that the scanner did for me. The antivirus program that I was running said that I had a virus. But it could not remove it...Heck it apparently didnt even prevent me from getting it..(I thought that what n antivirus was supposed to do) ...after running the Cure it removed it immediately...Best program that Ive found in a long time.....thanks a lot for the help......

Melody 2009.03.24 18:3

Thanks so much. My laptop has not been working properly for weeks, could not find the problem. Was about to take it to the repair shop when I came accross someone recommending your webiste. Decided to give it a try and DO NOT look back at all. My laptop is perfect now. THANKS SO MUCH. You saved my life. 2009.03.24 3:36


llover 2009.03.19 6:16


ENRIQUE SOTELO 2009.03.13 20:14

I'm Enrique Sotelo, Computer Technician, and just I say that your Antivirus Software it's very good, congratulations.

I want sell you software in México how can be pathner??

andy gush 2009.03.10 9:35


Bruce Spangler 2009.03.10 2:49

I recently downloaded a free copy of Dr. Web Cure It on my Toshiba Tablet computer - it got rid of all my virus problems. How much would it cost to get a license for all (3) of my PC's with Windows XP?

Pat Mc 2009.03.09 5:10

Your software kicked the Stealth MBR trojan off my computer, when nothing else could., My thanks and recommendation of your product!!!

MOHANA SUNDARAM 2009.03.07 18:52


Roman 2009.03.07 6:14

Thank you everybody in Dr.Web!
You helped me to get rid of Spyware.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your work and I will recommend you to my friends!


Michael STANBROOK 2009.03.04 11:5

Thanks heaps you have saved me heaps of work. I didn't want to reinstall my computer.

By the way do you have a link to the virus' that Dr Web detects.

Prakash 2009.03.03 4:42

A great standalone antivirus, a must have tool for everyone who has a PC.

Kevin Leo 2009.02.26 20:1

I Like It!

heather pinchen 2009.02.21 20:29

You provide an excellent servie and fix the virus problems that malware bytes and avg just cant cope with!

adnan 2009.02.21 14:54


miro 2009.02.21 14:16

thanks alot , it's looks like very good

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