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anyindiyahhadi 05:15:32 21-09-2011

thank you

anyindiyahhadi 05:13:58 21-09-2011


Jeff morgan 17:20:35 31-08-2011

Nice antivirus

gustavo cubillos soto 17:18:26 25-08-2011

todo excelente

chiranjib roy 00:46:22 22-08-2011

very effective.

francisco monteleone 22:08:54 19-08-2011

es muy bueno

HENO 07:43:20 01-08-2011

Dear Dr.. Web Team and users,

Dr. Web's products are fantastic and the best anti-virus.

Since January 2005 I am using Dr. Web as a stand-alone anti-virus or anti-virus USB. Dr. Web Cure It works very well and can frezze my system. Computer system we will be more secure with Dr. Web, especially if combined with a CD Hiren utility (included Dr. Web Cure It)) and our system backed up with the norton ghost program.
Dr. Web Cure It from the folder I use anti-virus SmadAV (ASCII renamed) to be safe from viral infections (including data - my important data), and these folders can be moved anywhere, including into the infected computer. Usually I use Dr. Web Dr. Web Cure It or Live USB in overcoming the virus that damages computers - computers that I fix.

If the system that I improve beyond help, I use XP on CD Hiren system for backing up data and drivers, divided into system and data partitions, format the system partition, scan data, re-install the system, install drivers, install antivirus, install a program that needed, back up the system with norton ghost, Deep Frezze system if necessary,

In September 2010, I've fix the system Note Book Toshiba Portege R100-made the 2005 virus-infected Sality all variants, all variants Virut, bro Loss and comprehensive collection of other world-renowned virus. Toshiba Portege is no CD Rom, can not boot from USB, the hard disk is no port adapter (maybe 1.5 inches hard disk, can not be scanned in another computer), and no ports that can be used to install new systems or with anti-virus scan. This is one of the hardest things that one may encounter a lot of computer technicians in the world. Finally I cleaned the virus by Dr. Web Cure It is freeze the system, I clean also the Combo Fix, re-scan the PC MAV, then I copy the system registry windowsnya with a clean system to use UFD (with manual switches protect data, it could be with a Memory Card protected with SD Card Reader). Finally, note book computer system can be saved without re-install the system.

To my knowledge only the Dr. Web anti-virus that has a complete collection. You want to use the CD Rom, there is Dr. Web Live CD; you want to use a UFD, there is Dr. Web Live USB; you want to use a portable antivirus, there is Dr. Web Cure It, and many more.

And strangely, the site - the site of the world rarely discuss the greatness of Dr. Web anti-virus best anti virus in the rankings. While many new viruses coming from Europe or America, it is rarely the virus originated from Russia. That's why I use the Dr. Web from Russia to overcome rogue virus from Europe or America:)

Is God only knows that many viruses are derived from anti-virus makers?
If true, it is ridiculous and shameful!

Thank you Dr. Web Team, continue the development of an increasingly improved from day to day.

Heno Henanto
from Jakarta, Indonesia

Alina 00:47:00 29-07-2011


james gibson 10:26:29 22-07-2011

gets results for me

martin 00:46:52 15-07-2011


Adtitya gusti maulid 03:04:53 05-07-2011

dr.web is the best

Josiah Chapman 20:20:29 25-06-2011

Dear Dr. Web users,

Dr. Web's products are fantastic. The live cd is what I recommend the most. My client had one of the worst rogues I had ever seen in my life. It would flood him with pop ups, redirect his web URLs, and came with a nasty root-kit. In this situation I attempted to eliminate the rogue, but on reboot, it had reappeared. It was quite annoying. I tried every anti-malware product out there. I even tried Rkill and Combofix. Nothing worked. I then booted up with Dr. Web Cureit and it found the root-kit and eliminated it! This live cd boots every time and removes all malware.

Thank you for your time,
Josiah Chapman

Richard 00:25:39 20-06-2011

It's very useful antivirus software----I love you

ary suryadi 15:12:04 18-06-2011


ahmedlpen 15:37:33 09-06-2011

i, verey happy to use DR. WEB

Bruce Wallin 10:42:09 06-06-2011


Andi 15:58:48 25-05-2011

1. Please make faster the speed of your engine.
2. Please sharpen your heuristic engine.
3. Please decrease CPU usage that used by Dr. Web when scanning.

Mishima Yukio 11:38:49 14-05-2011

it's very usefull!!!
domo arigatou gozaimashita...

Agradecido 17:39:01 13-05-2011

Muchas gracias,
Funciona estupendo
Gracias desde España

Larry Jacobs 16:35:44 09-05-2011

Unable able to read the display running in the advanced mode. Insufficient documentation. Will run correctly from a SATA CD-Rom.

FEYZI 15:23:51 09-05-2011


samuel toledo c. 04:24:12 09-05-2011

excelente antivirus recomendado eficiente

Chandra 11:38:31 06-05-2011

Very powerful AntiVirus,
DrWeb Always help me to solve virus error.
Thanks for DrWeb :)
Chandra in Indonesia

tommaso 12:42:59 01-05-2011

tutto ok

Ruud Joosten 12:31:49 30-04-2011

Thank you so much Dr.Web!

I had a virus on my pc that modified my MBR so i couldnt boot.
Dr.Web was able to find it and remove it.
Then all i had to do wasa repair with my windows 7 CD and everything worked perfectly again.

Thank you!

HENO 09:54:26 29-04-2011

Dr Web is no 1 the best antivirus that i know. :)
simple, very strong and almost free.

but in the test of "best antivirus in the world's", Dr Web not in there? are they afraid Dr Web ???

i still promotion Dr Web to everyone i know.
i think someday, i will selling Dr Web antivirus in my business.

keep No 1 Dr Web...

thanx :)

Indonesia ...

Mr. Kappa 03:54:29 21-04-2011

Thank You. The Best scanner of booloader and other...

aditya gm 16:59:13 20-04-2011

dr. web is the best okey

ahmad151 11:57:33 09-04-2011


ahmad 11:56:41 09-04-2011


bob talbot 04:36:29 05-04-2011

good program easy to use

Agung "Simon" Prasetio 21:48:10 04-04-2011

Dr.Web CureIt! is AWESOME!!!

When everyone else fails, IT doesn't!

ElBubi 19:46:44 25-03-2011

My dad lives 10000km far away from me and knows very little about pc's. He caught a naughty virus which hijacked his computer. DrWeb LiveCD saved our lives!!!

Thanks indeed DrWeb developers!!!

YANGQI 05:10:43 24-03-2011


wahyu 07:24:23 15-03-2011

thx dr.web,my pc healty now....

selso andres 16:21:34 12-03-2011

dr.webcurelt is very good

irwan kusanagi 18:10:46 11-03-2011


brian cole 20:42:19 18-02-2011

dr. web is the best this product succeeded were mcaffree failed and everybody else wanted a ton of money thanks alot dr. web im sold i use this on my android phone and now on my pc 5 star rating definately.signed dr.web deciple, Brian Cole

Ivan Cuba 14:50:25 18-01-2011

Hi all,
Im very proud for use Dr Web Cureit! its so good antivirus.

Rishabh 05:29:38 28-12-2010

dr web is the best.i thought that i lost all my data when my computer was not booting up.but drwebcleaned the virus with ease!!thnx!!

komprank 13:40:36 23-12-2010

I am has use "Dr. Web" for long time ago and i think nothing better than this for virut virus, tank's!

ALI 22:33:46 16-12-2010

اشكر لكم هذا البرنامج

Carlos 05:43:34 13-12-2010

Excelente!!! Gracias!!!

J Beck Computer Doctor 21:54:31 06-12-2010

As an owner of an "On-site" Computer Service for the last 15 years I have used all the famous Antivirus/Malwares including Kaspersky, Bitdefender, NOD32, Symantec, Avira, F-Secure, Trend Micro, AVG, Avast, Vipre and others. They are all good in there own respect since 1 cleaner is never 100% not even DR.WEB . NONE ARE AS GOOD for infected computers as "Dr Web CureIT" and Dr. Web AntiVirus w/Firewall.

Mirza Abdul Rahim 12:48:11 29-10-2010

I used Dr.Web after I had tried all the famous antivirus's out there including Kaspersky, Bitdefender, NOD32, Syantec, Avira, F-Secure, Trend Micro, AVG, Avast, Vipre and others. But I could not find anything more powerful and more robust than "Dr Web CureIT". Thanks for giving us such a splendid product for FREE.

hasan 21:52:25 18-09-2010


Leslie Rankins 04:31:43 11-09-2010

Dr. Web cured my virus!!!! THANKS sooooo much!!!

Diego Chachalo 22:26:39 30-08-2010

me gusta mucho usar su antivirus ya que es my eficas en comparacion con los que he trabajado

Diego (PE) 04:27:46 24-07-2010

It's magic, detect viruses that other antivirus could not detect, it seems perfect because in addition to being effective is free for those who use it at home, like me, I am very grateful to this great program and continue so, but this getting better great program. Thanks

Ajay Banyal 21:22:22 23-07-2010

I am a network administrator over 75 computers and I use cureIt as my last hope against virus infections.

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