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Maithrie de Silva(SL) 21:20:57 30-06-2010

Thanks, Dr.Web helped me cure my homePC, but leading AV programs could'nt detect svchost.exe

john butler(UK) 16:38:07 26-06-2010

This is an excellent free product and very thorough compared with similar freeware.It found Trojan startpage 1505 which others had overlooked.It proves that the east can match the USA in aspects of security.

Dr. Sunil 12:25:42 25-06-2010

Thanks for your free service.
Dr Sunil

Mint 15:57:57 23-06-2010

I used DrWeb Live CD with Cureit to rescure my younger daughter's Laptop.
Now I install Dr.Web Antivirus for her.

henry 18:37:25 18-06-2010

dr web antivirus is the best

fadl saleh 12:52:46 16-06-2010

I tried Dr web, honstly I had never met anti virus do the task or job like Dr Wed does

hoping you always progressive

aaa 11:54:15 22-04-2010

thank you

manoLo pasTor 02:05:38 29-03-2010

cureit is one of the most effective forms to eliminate VITRO or VIRUT infections, the most important! , not only detect and eliminate the infected files.......most important cure and let clean all of ur infected exe´s !!!!

dr web live cd is by the way another useful tool to fight against ANY malware on ur pc.

ten of ten to me!!

congratulations to all dr web team

Kavai Daniel 12:27:39 11-03-2010

Wow :-)
ist fantastic
the live cd
teh cureit anivirus :-)
tjanks a lot :-)

giovannino81 17:58:09 04-02-2010

antivirus per veri conoscitori,riconosce e cura qualsiasi virus . complimenti siete dei veri professionisi, un plauso grande al vostro impegno.

saleh 08:39:54 20-01-2010

all my *.doc/*.docx lost. Using school antivirus. not cure. when i use dr.web, i get my file back and i detect 442 file iffected and have been removed. thank you.

Alex 11:54:31 15-01-2010

thank you...

masoud 14:15:01 09-01-2010

I had a few viruses in my PC . norton 360 could not find or even delete them. But with Dr web cureit. after one scan found them and deleteed them . perfect.10 out of 10. bravo....

Martin 17:19:38 07-01-2010

A polymorphic virus was complicating my life! I tried destroy it with a lot of antivirus, but they didn't work.
Then I heard about CureIt! and I gave him a chance.
CureIt! eliminated that evil virus instantly!!!
CureIt! is a very powerful tool to fight against a lot of malware. Very recommendable!!!

Martin from Argentina

Stan 14:34:03 03-01-2010

DrWeb CureIt: Simple and Secure

Søren Passer 21:10:16 15-12-2009

I bought ESET's AntiVirus for 2 years, but I must say I am pleasently surprised. NOD32 couldn't remove my bootsector infection, but Cureit did so with ease. When ESET asks me to renew my license I will get your product instead.

André Jaf 00:42:08 15-12-2009

Simply Incredible!
I'm from Rio de Janeiro and I come here to thank you for this effective product! Work in the area of security and I was surprised with a simple and very widespread in my country, without ever having to install, performance was amazing! Run and kill! Simple.
Wait for my review comparing it with big marketing solutions to cybersecurity showing all its efficiency!
What's more, most do not have antivirus installed on my pc!
Grateful and very good work!
Forgive my English

YO9FAH 03:26:21 14-12-2009

Heloooo ... dr.web is best antivirus in the world !!! ;)

saeed 17:26:34 06-12-2009

dr.web is best antivirus in the world

emilia giju 09:41:15 06-12-2009


Edwin Valencia 16:22:45 25-11-2009


Juliana 01:23:23 23-11-2009

detectar virus... e elimina-los! so o dr web!

Coolio 02:05:43 18-11-2009

Very useful tool. I had that nasty Virut virus and it cleaned it up for me. I trust it more than any other scanner. Dr.Web CureIt for life!

ROBERT RAYNER 03:07:50 06-11-2009

Dr. Web is the Best.

Abdul-Rahoof Bello 18:30:26 02-11-2009

Dr. Web CureIt is excellent

Abdul-Rahoof Bello 18:29:00 02-11-2009

Enjoy your products

mrkucz 00:49:15 27-10-2009

cure is the only scanner i found that can remove the nasty's from your pc.
with other scanners your still always left in the dark and mostly having to reformat you machine. "ouch".

Thanks DrWeb.
you saved alot of head ache's and grief

S 00:16:48 24-10-2009

My brother's computer is infected by malware. He is using Avira, did not find anything. I suggested my brother Kasperky, he downloaded the full trial version and installed KAV 8, but after installation(and rebooted) KAV 8 will not start, all the protection components is disabled and can not enable. So I downloaded Kaspersky's AVP Tools and scanned his hard drive, only found 1 malware. I think maybe Dr.Web Cure It can do better, so I downloaded Dr. Web Cure It and scanned my brother's hard drive. Dr. Web found 4 more malwares and cleaned them all. Actually, I did not expect Dr. Web to perform so well, because I used to see Dr.Web not getting high detection in the on-demand tests. But now I realize that high detection sometimes can not tell the full story. Sometimes those tests are probably better for marketing purpose and not really reflecting real world situations. On-demand scanner test results will not tell you whether an infected computer with active malware on your computer can be found. I really appreciate Dr.Web for being honest, they don't added useless samples to virus databases for high detection rates or marketing reasons. I hope someday everyone will understand that, and Dr.Web can grow bigger and better than Kaspersky. =)

Edin Sarcos 18:54:46 23-10-2009

Era un buen aporte a la seguridad de la red...lastima por lo que estan haciendo

wagner aguiar 18:46:50 21-10-2009


SEBASTIAN 19:20:03 20-10-2009

excelent, lastima que no mas free!! no entender

tri_zet 21:52:36 14-10-2009

i always use dr.web cureit/livecd to remove viruses from friends pc, and very happy with it.

keep up good works.
warm greeting from indonesia

jenya 06:45:00 02-10-2009

just want to say thank you so much! :)

loves and support from Thailand, dude!

DB Reid 12:47:26 01-10-2009

I use CureIt at least once a week to supplement my main AV daily scans. There has been the odd time that CureIt has detected items, due to its deep scanning methods. I'm so grateful that you make this fine application available for 'FREE' to the home user. It has given me peace of mind to have a PC clean of any bad stuff. And I also use your Link Checker on all links before opening them. It's a great feature to have for any PC, to help keep ones travel on the Internet, so safe. Thank you very much from a Western Canadian Internet Junkie!

Claudio Benitez 23:55:56 30-09-2009

the best antivirus of the world

BabiFace 21:10:18 29-09-2009

Thank you very much!
YOU guys and girls have saved my PC :)

Xiaobo Liang 14:02:42 27-09-2009


Harold Barber 01:55:14 20-09-2009

Your program found a virus in att.accelerator that several other programs could not.I knew there was problem there and thanks for your anti-virus!

Kapalin 09:36:28 16-09-2009


murali krishna 18:06:06 10-09-2009

i use to save lot much of data in my pc but due to virus, the system is slow and some programs are not working. I scanned my PC using DR. Web fix it and now my computer is safe.

robin pownall 21:23:33 07-09-2009

WoW.... after long search I found a review and advise page on the net. Advising CurIt with problems made by a "polipus" virus. A very violant and difficult one. Ofcourse I spend allready a day to find a solution, but..... after running CurIt the machine was clean !!!!!!! A very simple tool with remarcable strong result. Thank you Dr. Web.
Only one question; I can not find the quarantaine file/map/place/thing...
Were does CureIt store these docs ??
Thank you all !!!!!!

Nigel Vernon 14:24:15 05-09-2009

Many thanks.Cure It does exactly what it says. Succeeds where the big boys (Am I allowed to mention McAfee)failed.I'll be recommending this to the guys in our I.T. dept.Thankyou.

Alberto Rodriguez 16:30:48 04-09-2009

Thanks, thanks, thanks, excellent!

Harald Pfeiffer 20:41:13 03-09-2009

I'm trying Dr. Web CureIt v5.0 for the first time and I hope it does a good job because it's the only remaining malware detection software which supports Windows 98.

Please continue to offer Win98 compatible software in the future. You'll have the distinction of being the only ones doing so and that will give Dr. Web a bit of an edge over other malware detection providers that have long since abandoned Win98 (... an operating system that is still in use on millions of PCs worldwide).

Thank you
Harald Pfeiffer

girishreddy.y 19:20:24 21-08-2009

simply superb, excellent

Arun Shankar 13:43:31 19-08-2009

Dr.Web scanner is a revolutionary product as it allows scanning without any installation. Often by installing an antivir pack, the system normally slows down. Further, many don't allow 100% un-installation. No such hassles here. Definitely a product to vouch by.

Santa Prbha 22:28:13 16-08-2009

I herd Very Good Anti-virus Product in Dr.Web

Mark in Iowa 09:58:06 15-08-2009

Well, I'm no expert, but this application actually worked, and solved problems that really had me stumped! Thank you for a great free tool.

Gunawan 14:28:30 09-08-2009

Your AntiVirus great, but it's setting make me confused. Your Live-CD is the best! Free but powerfull.
Please integrate firewall too

Gaurang Joshi 23:23:49 08-08-2009

Thanks for making the Anti Virus available for others.....

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