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Can I Update Dr.Web CureIt!?

Dr.Web CureIt! will cure a system, but it's not meant to maintain constant anti-virus security. The utility available at our web site always features the latest virus definitions, but it will not update virus databases on its own. The virus definitions used by Dr.Web CureIt! apply until we update our virus databases once again (Dr.Web virus databases are updated at least once hourly).

If you need to perform another system scan using updated definitions, you will need to download Dr.Web CureIt! again.

Users of the free version

If you need to perform another scan of your system using latest updates of virus databases, you will need to download Dr.Web CureIt! once again.

Users of the commercial version

After registration of the serial number each user of Dr.Web CureIt! receives access to the "My Dr.Web CureIt!" personal area where they can download regular updates of Dr.Web CureIt! while the license is valid. You can use the application’s interface to get access to your personal area or visit

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