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Dr.Web CureIt! license agreement

The software is an object of copyright and the result of collect work by a team of programmers. It can only be used under terms of the present agreement.

The license agreement regarding usage of the Dr.Web software is a legal agreement between an end-user (customer) and Doctor Web, Ltd., the developer of Dr.Web software and the holder of all rights with the regard to thereof. The license agreement defines rights and liabilities of the Copyright Holder and the Customer.

Under terms of the License Agreement the Copyright Holder grants the Customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use Dr.Web software in ways and on conditions stipulated in the License agreement.

Dr.Web CureIt! is available for free for home usage only. In all other cases you need to purchase a license.

The license agreement period starts as soon as you register the program at the server of Doctor Web. Pressing “I agree” is deemed as an agreement of the customer with the terms of the agreement.

Download Dr.Web license agreement

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