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All comments

Dr.Sandro 2020.11.17 16:29

Dr.Web CureIT goes everywhere with me (USB) and I cleaned so many client PCs and saved them from random threats and viruses. Dr.Web CureIT is very handy and useful tool. I recommanded everyone to use it!

Armand Krief 2020.06.12 22:25

Je viens de désinstaller votre application qui, si elle est efficace, est beaucoup trop chère pour moi malheureusement

Eduard 2017.12.23 4:50


DrGonzi 2017.07.18 7:14

At this moment, Dr.Web is the only app that correctly detects those Chinese malwares that come pre-installed on most smartphones. Very good!

Tab 2017.07.08 16:5

Looking forward to using your accredited highly reccommended products!

Antonio 2017.06.30 16:22

Dear Specialist.

My Linux 64 was infected by backdoor.gates.5. Is possível to remove it in a safe way. How to do that?
This Linx is the application sever for our ERP.

branimirp 2017.01.25 11:35

poštovanje ,
juče sam instalirao dr web curlet i bio prijatno iznenađen efikasnošću . pronađena su tri zaostala softvera posle deinstalacije iobit antivirus od pre nekoliko meseci .
hvala na saradnji i želim vam uspeh u daljem radu
pozdrav iz srbije , bane

Lorena 2016.07.26 23:55

El antivirus Dr. Web no me pudo ayudar con un virus que tengo en el sistema de mi celular androit y se apoderó del táctil, bloqueándolo. Ya hice cambiar el táctil pero el virus sigue y no lo he podido erradicar. Gracias de antemano si me dicen que puedo hacer al respecto.

Mark Lena 2016.05.22 11:17

Dr Web Cureit locks up. I think it needs a cure.

rami hadji 2016.04.17 16:3

Why do not they put in the Arabic language and Ttilin operating time CureIt!

i 2014.04.16 19:48


ميمو 2014.03.19 18:35


Vincent 2014.03.14 4:33

This is a great program.

v.Alex 2014.03.13 8:38

I like dr.web

juan de la cruz 2014.01.22 8:51

me gusta este antivirus es muy bueno lo tengo instalado en mi cel y es excelente espero y este sea igual de bueno

Aditya LS 2013.10.17 22:53

OMG, This AV is my laptop best friend..!
I Always panic when my laptop is attacked by virus, but not anymore. Because Dr.Web, i can surfing in the internet safely.
Thanks again Dr.Web!

Luis Amado 2013.10.11 17:10

Thank you for your excellent work. I will recommend to my clients the anti-virus

VN 2013.05.23 21:10

Thank you. Dr.web has a solution for every situation, it seems that intantaneous response if not in advance. Good to see a system intergrated so well for the unseen. I'd take my hat of for the team. Surely hard work ladies & gent. Best wishe. VN.

lee juhoon 2013.03.21 13:17


carmen grozav 2013.02.02 21:49

Thank you

Стефан 2013.01.28 11:31

Всеки месец по един път проверявам домашният си компютър с Dr.Web CureIt! и никога до сега не съм имал проблем.
Благодаря ВИ!
С уважение: Стефан - България!

E Vanarsdall 2012.10.10 2:51

Just ran it, it found 236 threats, and it dealt with them all. So far, so good.
This scans much better than than other 8 I tried, and it found the most. Everything it found, it could deal with. A Big Plus.

samer cloud 2012.09.29 12:21


joko 2012.06.04 18:32

the best AV

Rex 2012.05.30 10:46

Very good

Hamam 2012.04.16 10:11

On a laptop operated by Windows 7 got infected with some thing preventing me from doing all most any thing on it with a lot of pop ups but luckily with Dr.Web CureIt! the bad thing has disappeared for good in seconds. Thank you Dr. Web.

Ratos 2012.04.13 9:4

Better than any AV in the world!

orlando 2012.04.12 6:1

Dr Web is better than any antivirus , fast and safe. AWESOME!!!!

hery 2012.04.10 0:8


xulianhua 2012.03.26 17:53

I like Dr.Web CureIt! .

SAURABH JOSHI 2012.03.23 20:44

20 years experience is remarkable which has improved the performance of this antivirus. It is the best antivirus which protect your boot area perfectly.

missy thompson 2012.02.14 11:48


A. Abraham 2012.01.23 15:40

Great Product. I wouldn't leave Home without it..It has saved me a lot of headaches..I have informed all my friends about Dr Web products..! THANKS, DR. WEB!!

Rick 2012.01.17 13:4

I'm a long-time Linux user with my first Android device. I'm not accustomed to worrying about malware but your design approach just makes better sense to me than the competition. Thanks for offering a rational product in a market so prone to hype.

wei humg chia 2012.01.14 7:36


петренко юлия 2011.12.27 17:28

очень хороший антивирус-постоянно им пользуюсь!!!

samer 2011.12.24 2:16

I love the products of this company
And I would like to be a friend,
And is ready to exchange views
Samer from Baghdad

Георгий 2011.12.20 23:18

очень надежный антивирус

Ramdan2478 2011.12.20 7:8

Dr.Web Cureit cure my driver and default program installer :)

my laptop got virus and i reinstalled the Os,but my driver installer infected by virus,and i found old dr web cure it in my laptop and cure the installer,many thanks to dr.web,maybe i will buy and suggest DrWeb to my friend :D

James Landes 2011.12.09 23:32

Your Products are amazing! They find adware and malware that the top anti-virus and anti-malware programs do not. When I scan with CureIt! I find hidden files that were in fecting my system that I did not know about. I have used your LiveCd and CureIt products, which are amazing, to clean a pc with over 3,000 pieces of malware, adware, and spyware; It removed them all! Incredible I tell you....Just Incredible!

syw 2011.12.06 17:20

like it

adi jaiencs 2011.11.26 21:17

i like it and what about you - cool! must have

Lesia 2011.11.12 21:9

all good

marjana 2011.11.01 19:10


Donald 2011.11.01 13:30

Love this site №1

Donald 2011.11.01 13:27

Thanks Dr.Web

aisyah 2011.10.15 5:23

dr.web cureit is good

antonio 2011.09.24 19:31

es muy bueno

anyindiyahhadi 2011.09.21 5:15

thank you

anyindiyahhadi 2011.09.21 5:13


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